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Is Natural Burial possible in Québec?

At the moment the short answer is YES and NO, it depends on the practices of the chosen funeral home.

According to the current regulations, an unembalmed body kept at a temperature of 4°C or less must, not later than 48 hours after death,
be placed in an 'impervious container' to prevent spillage or leakage of bodily fluids for 'health and safety' reasons. 
Currently the way this is interpreted and practiced by funeral homes is varied.
Some insist that the unembalmed corpse be put in a plastic body bag and remain in the bag for both burial and cremation.
Some claim they do not keep the body in a plastic body bag for disposition and others say they go on a ‘case by case’ basis.
We are currently researching funeral practices in regards to the use of a plastic body bag in Québec.
Please join our efforts and call your local funeral home to inquire!

To understand more about why this government regulation for 'our health and safety' does not have solid ground in scientific fact:
Article from Funeral Consumers Alliance
Letter from Dr Osterholm, Director of Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

En Terre Outaouais is a volunteer group of citizens who are working together to establish
a conservational natural burial cemetery in the Outaouais region of Québec. 
As advocates for natural burial practices, we are currently in discussions with the Co-op Funéraire de l'Outaouais
to determine if there is a bio-degradable option that may be feasible, both practically and legally speaking.  (as of September 2022)

For more information, www.enterreoutaouais.org
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