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Did you know that
Québec is the only province in Canada that legally requires next of kin to hire
funeral services to take care of the after-death care of the deceased?

Families in our neighbouring province of Ontario have the legal right to take care of all after-death care aspects without hiring anyone, except for cremation or burial.  Community Deathcare Québec is working to have an exception added to the current legislation in Québec, allowing for next of kin to fulfill after-death care needs such as paperwork or transportation of the deceased in this province.
The two charts below show what after-death care the family of the deceased is permitted to do by law in Ontario and Québec.

(This chart was published by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario)

(Template for this chart provided by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario)

When comparing Québec and Ontario with the charts above, one might think that there isn't really much that
family and friends can do to care for your loved one when they die in Québec. 
Don't despair! 
There are still ways that you can reclaim death as a natural process for yourself and your loved ones,
whether it be in planning for the death of a loved one or taking care of them after death.
If you are curious to know more and would like to talk with us, please contact us scmq.cdq@gmail.com or phone us at 819-459-3429.
We are happy to help you engage more fully in this normal and intimate part of life.