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Who Legally Decides on After Death Care in Québec?

If the will says that the liquidator is responsible for funeral arrangements, then the liquidator must take care of them. 
The liquidator is the person named to settle the deceased's affairs, including filing tax returns,
making a list of the deceased's property and distributing this property to those who inherit from the deceased.
Liquidators used to be known as "executors".

The liquidator has the final say about funeral arrangements, but it is a good idea to ask the family for their input.

If the will does not specify that the liquidator is responsible for funeral arrangements, or if there is no will, the heirs make the arrangements.
The heirs are the people who will inherit.  The heirs can then make their decisions by majority vote or choose a liquidator by majority vote.

**Please note – in QC common law partners do not legally hold the authority to make decisions about funeral arrangements if there is no will in place**

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